Advertise a Position


Advertise an Available Position in Your Organization:

Compose the ad copy. For instructions on creating effective ads, click here. If you prefer, we can help you write the ad.

Decide which newspaper, sections and categories you would like the ad placed in. If you don't know, tell us your target area and we can help you find the right places.

Check your copy, and consider the following factors:

  • Are the basic facts correct and do they have the right appeal?
  • Is the title or heading meaningful? The official job title may be ultimately less important than clear identification of job activities.
  • Is the copy clear, concise and relevant? Long winded prose may fail to sustain the readers interest.
  • Is the message communicated in appropriate sequence?
  • Have you accented positive features and avoided negative?
  • Have you included all relevant contact information?
  • Have you spell-checked AND proofread the copy?

When you're satisfied that you have all the information correct,
E-mail it to us!
Just copy the content of your ad into the body of your message along with any other relevant information. You can attach any images or logos with the e-mail.


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