How to Create an Ad


How to Create an Effective Employment Ad:

Like all components of a corporate identity your ad communicates a message about your company through its size, graphic design, organization, placement, as well as by the copy itself. It's critical that the ad be accurately targeted by writing, designing and placing it to reach your prime target audience. Some planning is required to avoid wasted time and money.

State your goal for the ad briefly and explicitly. Avoid using official job titles at this point; rather, try to concisely describe the job responsibilities in your own words. Sometimes, the official title may not fully reflect the job and this step can help show you if the official title is confusing.

Determine your time line. Text-only classified ads generally require less turnaround time and have later deadlines than display ads. Display ads also need time for design, production and proofing. For new ad designs and new clients additional time may be needed for ad concept design.

Determine your budget. Display ads are more expensive than text-only classified ads, but they have much greater impact as well. Display ads are usually used for specialized jobs, while classified help wanted advertising can be used to recruit all types of employees. Large national newspapers are more expensive than small local papers but provide the wide exposure needed to fill specialized positions.

Determine the style of ad. If you have a number of positions advertised, stacked format is effective and conserves space by presenting standard information only once. Open ads give the name and address of your company while ads only give a box number to respond to. An open ad invites better response than a closed ad but also obliges you to acknowledge every application.

Write the ad copy:
  • You may wish to have a brief introductory phrase.
  • The job title should be in prominent type.
  • Spell out the unique benefits of the job right after the headline and use that benefit to key the rest of the ad: A rapidly growing restaurant chain seeks a manager eager to take on more responsibility.
  • Include any unique tasks or interesting responsibilities.
  • State salary and benefits.
  • Do not over-use abbreviations and never put two back-to-back. Make the copy friendly by using we and you.
  • Make the language neutral and non-age-restrictive. Even recent college graduate can suggest age discrimination.
  • Do not make promises, such as permanent career or secure. That could cause problems later.
  • Be specific at all times. Readers want the facts before they buy - facts sell more.
  • Remember your company name, address, web site address, and appropriate phone, fax numbers and e-mail addresses.
  • Spell check, then proofread. Show your ad copy to relevant personnel to ensure completeness and accuracy.

When the copy is satisfactory, place it!


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