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About Us:

Advertising for competent staff is an important responsibility of your Human Resources Department. Your organization can be enhanced if the recruitment ad reaches the right person.

Recruitment advertising is recognized as a powerful contributor to your overall company image. However, it takes time and people power to create these ads.

Advertising in newspapers is one of the most fruitful and commonly used methods of recruiting. Many people, even those who are not active job seekers, scan the careers and classified advertising sections. They see your company's ad and may be moved to act.

Canada-Wide The Ad Agency Ltd. offers you complete service for placing your ads. On request we can design and copy edit for maximum effectiveness. For our introductory period, your ads are placed at no cost onto our web site in conjunction with print advertising. Best of all, our placing services come at no additional cost to you - we offer newspaper advertising at newspaper prices.


Our Philosophy:

Canada Wide The Ad Agency has operated as an accredited advertising agency since its incorporation, in Edmonton, in February of 1976.

We supply "Newspaper Advertising at Newspaper Rates". Our income is derived from the commission paid to recognized advertising agencies by most print media.

Our prime objective continues to be providing meticulous service to all our clients at no extra cost. We have earned the reputation that the best is available at Canada-Wide and have been called upon to design and circulate advertising in diversified publications as far away as Hong Kong and Australia.


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